It’s less then a month untill the begining od European universities football championship so we decided to introduce you with all of our teams. First of all, take a look on Ruhr University Bochum.
Bochum is located in the Ruhr area and a city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Ruhr area is an urban area with a popoluation of round about eight and half million people. Several large, industrial cities like Dortmund, Essen or Duisburg take part in the Ruhr metropolitan region which is the largest one in Germany. With a population of nearly 365.000 Bochum is the 16th most populous city in Germany.

The population of the Ruhr area and Bochum increased during the coal and steel boom in the 19th century when hundreds of thousands of people from the poorer German regions and from Eastern Europe came in the search of work. Bochum’s last colliery closed down some 30 years ago, and steel production is no longer as important as it was. When the ongoing process of restructuring in Bochum and in the Ruhr area is complete, the manufactoring sector will have lost their major role to the service sector.

Bochum became an university city in 1962 when the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) was founded and built with an centralized campus on the Southern hills of Bochum. The RUB was the first public university in Germany after World War II and is still one of the largest universities in Germany. Over 45.000 students and 5.600 employees from 130 countries are learning and working in 20 faculties at the RUB.

In 2014 the university sports Bochum was honored to be the German University Sports Federation “Universtiy Of The Year”. The RUB university sports was also the most successful university on national level in 2014. One of this successful teams was the football team of the RUB which is called the RUB11. After winning the 7th national championships last year, the RUB11 is qualified for the EUC Football Championships in 2015 in Osijek, Croatia. The team is recruited from students of different faculities but the main part of the team is studying sport science. The principal part of the RUB11 players are under contract for clubs of the fifth division in Germany.

Former Bundesliga clubs like KFC Uerdingen 05 or Wattenscheid 09 are the home teams of some of the players.
The RUB11 is looking forward to have some great days in Croatia and are pleased to take part in an exciting football tournament in Osijek!

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